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ATAP Foundation Vehicle Fundraiser

ATAP Foundation has invested in the community and helped many families. Now we are asking for your help! Will you help us connect our youth to their dreams?

This vehicle will provide transportation for our college visits, cultural trips, and provide transportation for the youth to support and attend community events, and enrichment opportunities. We appreciate your support through monetary donations!

ATAP Foundation Scholarship Fund

ATAP Foundation provides annual scholarships to youth to help them achieve their academic goals beyond high school. Since 2007, ATAP Foundation has awarded 10 youth with scholarships to empower them beyond high school.

Planned Giving

This is an awesome vehicle to make a lasting mark through a gift that leaves the world a better place. Planned Giving allows you to leave money or assets to ATAP Foundation beyond your lifetime.


Dr. Tiffani Worthy 

CEO & Chairwoman 

630 Beverly-Rancocas Rd

Willingboro, NJ 08046

609 - 543 -9209 Phone

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